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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where do i find inspiration

I have been in a little bit of a 'creative funk" lately. I found inspiration in looking through some magazines at a friend's house today. I also read a few blogs that touched on the subject of "non creative days" . A few artists suggested that you should go to your studio and work...everyday whether you feel like it or not, change format, change your palette, make art bigger or smaller than what you are used to.....So, tomorrow, i am off to the studio after work and I will try to create something I am happy with....until then....

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ArtSnark said...

Hi Carole. Saw your discussion on ZNE. I just started a blog on 10/21 & interestingly enough asked the question "What inspires you?" to any who popped by. Great minds think alike ;) Recently I was inspired by your envelope project - I "didn't have the time" and have been having non-creative days for a few weeks now (lots of ideas but low energy by the time I got in the studio each day). However the looming deadline forced me to make something & I ended up having a great time :D
Hope you are having fun in your studio today!

Stacey Merrill


Small pieces of art can be fun