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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Etsy Helps The Gulf coast

There is a new shop on Etsy.... All the proceeds from this shop go to help those in need at the Gulf, Click on the shop and see for yourself. Etsians donate work to be sold here, the profits go t the cause and the Etsian pays all shipping costs.

Ocean Grove,NJ

Took this shot while out with a friend..,.....thought the almost new bikes against rusty old tubs
was a good contrast. The house behind these tubs was being renovated.

Calling All NJ Shore Mixed media Artists

HI folks,
I am trying to get together a small group of artists from my neck of the woods (Ocean County, NJ) to meet up once a month. There aren't many venues down here for emerging mixed media artists so, I'd like to start one. Any takers?


Small pieces of art can be fun