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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lazy weekend

Well, it's Sunday and I'm going to try to focus on a Journal Round Robin I'm in. Not sure what a Round Robin is? Well, it's when a group of artists collaborate on each each others books, journals. We each start a journal and send it onto the next person on the list. This goes on until each artist has received and worked in each book. The book then goes back "home" to it's original owner. This journal project was started in a Yahoo group called Paper Traders. I'll post my book as soon as I get it done.

I also came across a few more groups that are geared toward collaborative or interactive projects. Another one is Post crossing. Where you can send and receive postcards from participants all over the world.

Another one is 1,000 journals. I bought the book and it was a very interesting project started by

Well that all for now. Take a look at these sites. They are fun


Small pieces of art can be fun