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Saturday, March 8, 2008

New work...a journal in an Altered Book

I decided to make something for myself for a change. Here is a 2page spread in a journal I started a feww weeks ago. I have never journaled before...let alone share it with anyone.....but these are not very personal pages so here they are....

How do the rest of you feel about you think it is a way to get creative? I'm sure it is a way for some folks to 'heal' after a traumatic experience.......what do you think?


The Bag Lady's Art said...

Hi Carole! Thank you for your congrats on the future publication:-) I see you have been published there too, so congrats back and I totally agree people should submit work! I think that keeping a journal is a wonderful way to unleash your creativity. It's art for just you, it doesn't have to be perfect, no one is going to buy it, it is totally your own. I am on my second journal and I can say that it gets easier and easier to reach for it!

Carole said...

I made a wonderful journal from a book and took it to Bermuda. i wrote in it faithfully every day...and what do I do? I left it there! So, someone has a cool, funky journal to i guess it was meant to travel the world...(without me!)


Small pieces of art can be fun