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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Christmas so soon!

I can't believe Christmas is coming so soon. I've begun some rough ideas for cards. I try to do some 'traditional' ones for a few family members tht don't "get" collage. However I have more fun with the 'outside the box' type of work i do with vintagge images etc. I'll post a few cards when thye are done. Anyone else working on cards?


Took said...

I always SWEAR I am going to make my own cards and every year I never get to it...I am afraid this year will not be the exception. Ah well.

Neringa said...

Christmas ~ ugh!
Like Took, I keep thinking I'm going to make my own cards. I just never get to it.
Oh well, I still have a whole bunch of left over cards from previous years.


Small pieces of art can be fun